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The Czech Republic is primarily known as popular tourist destination. And not only thanks to the charm of Prague but also due to known health resorts. The Czech Republic has the largest number of certificates of quality resort services among the EU countries. In the Czech Republic there are more than 30 resorts with a wide range of medical indications. No wonder Prague and Karlovy Vary are among the main sights of the Czech Republic.

Both Your and your loved ones health is invaluable. Modern medicine is based on the prevention and early detection of health abnormalities, when it is possible to prevent the development of the disease or manage minimally invasive treatment methods.

Regularly undergoing a comprehensive medical examination is the key to longevity and maintaining high life quality in adulthood. And what is also important – a preventive health preservation strategy is always less costly in contrast to the treatment of acute and chronic forms of diseases.


Prague is also a popular place for business events. We provide corporate clients with the opportunity to increase the attractiveness of the social package for their employees by organizing a comprehensive medical examination of employees as well as optional taking out medical insurance.

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