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Technogenic factors have a significant impact on the human reproductive function and the birth rate in general. But the achievements of science in the overwhelming majority of cases make it possible to overcome all obstacles on the path to coveted motherhood and fatherhood.

Our experts have huge experience in this field. Diagnostic tool base allows to conduct any research quickly. The neonatal department has a modern technical base and highly qualified specialists in case of any complications. Council of leading European gynecologists and neonatologists may be convened if necessary.

Close-up of doctor checking pregnant woman's tummy with stethoscope.

Mother and baby are transferred to a comfortable postpartum ward after giving birth. They are provided with round-the-clock medical supervision and everything necessary (personal hygiene products, medicines, ward clothes, food). Mom receives advice on breastfeeding and caring for the newborn in the early days. Discharge is carried out on the third day after natural birth without complications. For medical reasons, a woman in labor may be under the supervision of doctors in a hospital clinic for up to 10 days.

The service package includes the following options:

  • organization of visit and stay;
  • registration;
  • medical insurance;
  • unlimited personal gynecologist consultations;
  • all necessary tests (blood biochemistry, amniocentesis, etc.);
  • ultrasound studies at any stage of pregnancy;
  • childbirth (natural, partner, cesarean section);
  • day hospital stay in the prenatal and postpartum period;
  • birth certificate registration.
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