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Charles University Clinic for Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology

The staff of our clinic specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and preventive examination of patients suffering from thyroid tumors and severe forms of endocrine orbitopathy. About 6.000 patients are examined in our clinic per year and about 950 patients are hospitalized (more than 95% are cancer patients). We provide assistance across the entire spectrum of our specialization In the field of nuclear medical diagnostics. We also provide consulting services for endocrinologists of our Cluster.

Clinical research activities are related closely to clinical practice. We are a certified center for the treatment of cancer with the radiopharmaceutical 131 I-mIBG, diagnosis and therapy after preparation of recombinant thyroid stimulating human hormone (rhTSH) and for the treatment of severe autoimmune thyroid orbitopathy (TAO) with somatostatin analogues.

We cooperate closely with the Charles University Department of Radiological Physics, which:

  • provides regular quality control of visualization systems and measuring equipment
  • ensures the application and optimization of radiation protection in the provision of medical care, in particular radiation protection of patients during medical exposure, radiation protection of workers, workplaces and their environment
  • provides continuous monitoring of compliance with radiation protection requirements
  • determines the radiation load of the patient from examination or treatment with radionuclide
  • collaborates with doctors in the collection and evaluation of clinical data
  • collaborates in the implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in accordance with the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) recommendations
  • ensures compliance of documentation at the workplace with the legislative standards and recommendations of the State Nuclear Safety Administration regarding the handling of ionizing radiation sources and radiation protection
  • participates in research grants

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